Discover the Magic of Apple Barn At Taves Family Farms

There’s a place in Abbotsford where the air is filled with the sweet scent of apples, and the laughter of families echoes through the orchards. A place where every turn reveals a new adventure, a new story, a new memory waiting to be made. Welcome to the Apple Barn At Taves Family Farms.

For over three decades, this family-owned gem has been a beacon of joy, connection, and authenticity. It’s not just about the apples, though they are undeniably delicious. It’s about the experience, the community, and the moments that remind us of what truly matters.

The Heart of the Farm: The Applebarn

The Applebarn is where the magic truly comes alive. It’s a haven of activities tailored for all ages, ensuring that every visitor leaves with a heart full of memories. From the thrill of the zipline to the serenity of the sunflower patch, there’s an adventure waiting for everyone.

And for those who wish to take a piece of the farm home, the Country Store offers an array of fresh produce, baked goods, and homemade preserves. As you wander through, don’t miss the Bee Hive Viewing Window, a mesmerizing glimpse into the world of these hardworking pollinators.

But the true essence of the Applebarn? It’s the U-Pick experience. Whether it’s goji berries in the spring, apples in the late summer, or pumpkins in the fall, there’s something profoundly grounding about harvesting your own food.

Seasonal Celebrations

Every season brings its own unique charm to Taves Family Farms. Spring is marked by the vibrant Easterfest, where families can partake in hayrides, live entertainment, and of course, meet the adorable bunnies. As the apple trees burst into bloom, the Blossomfest celebrates this natural spectacle with hayrides, scavenger hunts, and crafts.

Summer is a time of abundance, with the farm offering the first U-Pick of the year – Goji Berries. And as the leaves turn golden, the farm transforms into an autumnal wonderland. The Pumpkin Patch becomes the star attraction, with families venturing out on hayrides to select their perfect pumpkin.

Yet, the celebrations aren’t just for the young ones. The Adult Easter Egg Hunt is an annual event that combines live music, cider tasting, and of course, an egg hunt, creating an unforgettable evening for the grown-ups.

Embrace the Cider Experience

For those with a palate for finer tastes, the Taves Estate Cidery is a must-visit. Crafted from apples picked right from the farm, their cider is a testament to the land’s richness and the Taves family’s dedication. Whether you opt for a tasting flight or a full bottle, it’s an experience that speaks to the soul.

And as you sip on your cider, take a moment to soak in the surroundings. The family-friendly picnic area is the perfect spot to relax, while the distant laughter from the Farmville area, with its jumping pillow, pedal karts, and playground, serves as a gentle reminder of the farm’s heart and soul.

Plan Your Visit

Ready to embark on this journey? The Apple Barn At Taves Family Farms awaits.

And as your day at the Apple Barn comes to a close, consider extending your adventure. Just a short drive away is another gem – the Eco Dairy. Dive deeper into the agricultural heart of the Abbotsford BC of Canada, and if you’re looking for a reliable ride, Hub Motor Service has got you covered.

Here’s to the adventures that await, the memories to be made, and the connections to be forged. See you at the farm!