Lower Ten Oaks is a small community but filled with big advantages for its residents. Its location just minutes away from central Abbotsford makes Lower Ten Oaks one of the top communities to live in the city. 

While enjoying being close to the urban amenities of Abbotsford, this community exudes a countryside feel. This is thanks to the dominant natural environment in its locality. 

Two nature parks are on the flanks of Lower Ten Oaks. On the community’s northwest side is Willband Creek Park noted for its picnic areas and nature trails. A stroll on these pathways traverses wetlands and woodlands offering not only the opportunity to relax and observe wildlife. A walk on these trails also allows amazing glimpses of the North Shore Mountains.

Turning northeast in Lower Ten Oaks, the focus shifts to Bateman Park. This park nestles within the Bull Creek of Canning River. It’s setting of dense forests and river streams serving as a habitat for flora and fauna is truly captivating. Add to these its picnic area, hiking/biking trails, and kids playground, and a visit to this park can truly be satisfying.

More outdoor recreational activities can be enjoyed at Saddle Park Old Clayburn Road right within Lower Ten Oaks. This community park features a kids’ playground and a soccer pitch for a local minor league.

Several schools are located within Lower Ten Oaks, directly benefitting families in the community with school-age kids. These schools include Abbotsford Christian Elementary, Clayburn Middle School, and Robert Bateman Middle School.

Because of the superb facilities within the arm’s length of the residents of Lower Ten Oaks, this community gets an A+ when it comes to amenities. Livability overall in its neighborhoods is exceptional and ranks among the highest in the communities of Abbotsford.

Lower Ten Oaks is a kid-friendly community, with 51% of its households comprised of families with kids at home. Married couples, in addition, comprise 78% of the community’s population. You can also find more better options in Abbotsford in British Columbia.

Immigrants from Asia notably favor settling in Lower Ten Oaks where nearly 6% of the population is South Asian. Residents of Chinese extraction constitute 2.01 of the community’s population, while those of Korean descent comprise 1.56%.

The majority of sales-listed residences in Lower Ten Oaks are detached single-family homes, with only a few multifamily dwellings available. Some new home builds are available in this community. 

Expect asking prices of single-family homes in Lower Ten Oaks to be quoted at around the $1 million-plus range. For condo units, market listings can be priced starting from the $400,000s.

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