North Clearbrook is one of the most popular areas for young families and couples to live in Abbotsford. It’s relatively small, with an area of just around 3.8 square kilometers.  

Nonetheless, North Clearbrook enjoys a superb location that has won the nod of more than 10,000 residents. The community’s population base has steadily grown since 1975, posting an increase of 23.3% between 2000 and 2015. 

The residents of North Clearbrook are mostly in the younger bracket, with 37.9 as the median age in its neighborhoods. The males and females in the community’s demographic are nearly equal, a clear sign of the vibrant lifestyle that can be enjoyed in North Clearbrook. 

This community is tailor-fit for people on the go, be it for pursuits of leisure or job and business opportunities. The eastern periphery of North Clearbrook unlocks access to Abbotsford-Mission Highway. As convenient, Clearbrook Road on the west of this community gets its residents quickly to the TransCanada Highway.

Those living in North Clearbrook though don’t have to go too far for life and leisure activities. There are many points of interest right within this community and just minutes away from its residents’ doorsteps. 

North Clearbrook, for instance, is home to the Rotary Stadium featuring 4,000 seats with 3,000 of these covered. The stadium hosts major football and soccer tournaments on its grass pitch. It also draws crowds in the track and field meet held at the rubberized track oval around the pitch. 

The Abbotsford Exhibition Park is another point of interest in North Clearbrook. This park hosts a wide variety of events regularly including the annual Abbotsford Agrifair which dates back to 1909. 

North Clearbrook residents and visitors alike also enjoy access to Gladwin Park. This park features a large open space and a fenced area for pet dogs to play off-leash. The park also features a BMX bike course and trails with benches. These trails loop around the exhibition grounds and connect to the extensive Abbotsford Discovery Trail.

Young families with schooling kids will find North Clearbrook a convenient place to live in. This community is home to the Clearbrook Elementary School adjacent to an expansive public park with green space and sports facilities.

 This public facility, Clearbrook Park, provides not only a soccer field and a baseball diamond. It also offers a nature trail, a picnic area with tables, and a gazebo with seats, all adding to the delights of owning a home in North Clearbrook. You can also find more better options in in Abbotsford.

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