The quality of its tap water is one of the claims to fame for the community of Clearbrook. Its water has been honored with an international gold medal again at the 33rd annual Berkeley Springs International Water Tasting held in 2023. This was the seventh time since 2008 that Clearbrook’s water has copped this honor in this event dubbed the “Academy Awards of Water.” 

A strategic location makes Clearbrook a standout, especially among real estate buyers. This community is located near the intersection of the Trans-Canada Highway and Highway 11. 

Because of its great location, Clearbrook has drawn a rich mix of residential and commercial developments, as well as recreational facilities. This community, for instance, is host to the popular Sevenoaks Shopping Centre. This mall features over 100 shops, restaurants, and service providers in its 567,809- square feet of commercial space. 

The Matsqui Recreation Centre is another popular attraction in Clearbrook. Its facilities include a regulation-size ice rink, a fitness center, an aerobics room, a hot tub, a steam room, and a sauna. It also provides a kids’ pool with a platform and a 25-meter indoor pool with a wave machine, zero-depth beach access, and a water slide. 

Residents of Clearbrook, in addition, are just steps away from the pristine natural environment of Horn Creek Park on Trafalgar Street. This park features a pleasant 1.1-mile out-and-back gravel trail offering opportunities for birdwatching. 

Clearbrook is where Abbotsford bc celebrates much of its arts, culture, and history. The community presents all these in The Reach Gallery Museum on Veterans Way. Among the museum’s galleries is the permanent exhibit Voices of the Valley devoted to the colorful history of the region.

 Clearbrook is home to a diverse range of residents, with Mennonites from Russia dominant among the locals. The Mennonite immigrants came to the community as early as the 1930s. Their imprint can be seen in several Mennonite schools in Clearbrook. 

Hindu and Sikh immigrants from India, mostly of Punjab origins, also have a strong presence in Clearbrook. The Sikh Heritage Museum and the Gur Sikh Temple on South Fraser Way attest to their influence on the community. 

Overall, Clearbrook has developed a vibrant community thriving amid a rich mix of attractions and amenities. This community boasts an exceptional livability score, with its cost of living at 12% below the Canadian average. Many Families, professionals, and retirees are thus drawn to live in this wonderful community.

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